30 Best Amazon PPC Software To Scale Your Campaigns

Amazon PPC has made it easier for new sellers to enter the marketplace. While this has expanded options for consumers, it has also intensified competition among sellers, prompting them to improve product quality, customer service, and pricing strategies. 

However, the complexity and competitiveness of Amazon’s advertising platform demand more than just these techniques. To succeed in your e-commerce, you need the best Amazon PPC software at your fingertips.

We’ll explore the top-tier solution that stands head and shoulders above the rest, making it the ultimate choice for sellers serious about maximising their advertising campaigns and boosting sales.

#1. Best Amazon PPC Software – Scale Insights

Image Credit: Scale insights

Contact:Sales: training@scaleinsights.com
Customer support: training@scaleinsights.com
Price:78 USD – 688 USD per month
Services Offered:AI Automation
Fully managed campaigns
Keyword campaigns
Dynamic bidding algorithm
Placement algorithm

Scale Insights is the Amazon PPC software of choice for e-commerce aficionados seeking excellence. Crafted with cutting-edge features and intelligent algorithms, Scale Insights transforms campaigns into profit-generating powerhouses. 

With this tool, you can seamlessly handle comprehensive keyword research, bid optimisation, and campaign management, ensuring your products bask in the limelight with maximised ROI.

Explore its intuitive interface and revel in real-time analytics, empowering data-driven decisions that keep you one step ahead. Scale Insights’ automation effortlessly streamlines your campaign workflows, conserving your precious time and energy. 

Discover the Amazon PPC software that ignites your campaigns and propels them to new heights with Scale Insights.

#2. PPC Bee

Image Credit: PPC Bee

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Ad automation
Keyword generation
Campaign automation
DSA and GMC Feed exports

PPC Bee has carved its niche as a trailblazing Amazon PPC software, standing tall among the market’s finest. Fuelled by intelligent automation and extensive keyword research prowess, PPC Bee empowers e-commerce entrepreneurs to rewrite their advertising campaign success stories. 

Offering a bouquet of functionalities from bid management to ad creation, PPC Bee is your ticket to campaign refinement and the full unlocking of Amazon PPC potential. Join the buzz and explore why PPC Bee is hailed as one of the Amazon PPC elite.

#3. Quartile

Image Credit: Quartile

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Machine learning
Automated ads management
Unified campaign reporting
Account integration
Dedicated customer service

Dive into advanced bid management, campaign optimisation, and analytical wizardry using Quartile. This cutting-edge software lets you have the ultimate PPC prowess to ensure successful campaigns.

Harness sophisticated algorithms for actionable insights and data-driven decisions, setting the stage for campaign optimisation that truly hits the bullseye. Embark on a journey of precision and effectiveness with Quartile, the choicest tool for maximised Amazon PPC success.

#4. AdBadger

Image Credit: AdBadger

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:PPC management
PPC coaching
Campaign audit

AdBadger, the Amazon PPC software sensation, breathes life into your advertising campaigns, turning them into profit-generating geniuses. With its comprehensive suite of features, AdBadger propels your PPC strategies into the stratosphere. 

From intelligent bid optimisation and keyword wizardry to campaign orchestration and data-driven insights, AdBadger equips you with the keys to unlock exceptional results. Its user-friendly interface and automation wizardry streamline your workflow, saving you precious time and effort. 

Surge ahead in the race and unleash the complete potential of your Amazon PPC campaigns with AdBadger, your magic lamp for advertising success.

#5. Helium 10

Image Credit: Helium 10

Price:29 USD – 229 USD per month
Services Offered:Insights & Recommendations
Listing Optimization
Advanced Brand Analytics
Monthly Expert Training
In-Person Workshops

Helium 10 is the Amazon PPC software that soars above the competition, taking your advertising efforts to breathtaking heights. This all-in-one marvel offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to maximise your PPC prowess. 

From advanced keyword reconnaissance and bid alchemy to competitor analysis and campaign command, Helium 10 equips sellers with the tools to conquer the marketplace.

With its robust analytics and data-driven insights, Helium 10 enables informed decisions and campaign fine-tuning for peak results. 

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just taking flight, Helium 10 is your key to unlocking Amazon PPC campaigns’ full potential. Experience the exhilaration of Helium 10 and rise above the competition.

#6. Zon.Tools

Image Credit: Zon.Tools

Contact:Contact on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:24/7 Slack Support
Monthly Strategy Call
Manually Manage Campaigns
Proprietary PGN StructureKey
Word Miner™ and Target Miner™

Zon.Tools is the Swiss Army knife of Amazon PPC software, arming sellers with versatile tools to maximise advertising campaigns. Its innovative suite offers advanced keyword reconnaissance, bid orchestration, campaign analysis, and automation for conquering the competitive Amazon realm. 

The user-friendly interface and robust analytics illuminate campaign performance insights, aiding data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the curve. Unleash the true potential of your Amazon PPC campaigns with Zon.Tools and forge an unprecedented path to success.

#7. PPC Entourage

Image Credit: PPC Entourage

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Bulk campaign management
Ads automation
Ad management
Profit maximiser

PPC Entourage is the comprehensive Amazon PPC software for sellers, offering an ensemble of tools to achieve harmonious advertising campaigns. Its intuitive interface and advanced features simplify campaign management, keyword reconnaissance, and bid optimisation. 

Harness the power of this Amazon PPC software to maximise ad spend, refine targeting, and boost sales. Whether automating keyword harvesting, monitoring campaign performance, or optimising bids, PPC Entourage provides sellers with the orchestration needed to create profitable Amazon ads. 

With data-driven insights and strategic recommendations, PPC Entourage empowers sellers to make informed decisions and stand out in the competitive marketplace.

#8. Perpetua

Image Credit: Perpetua

Price:250 USD – 550 USD per month
Services Offered:Amazon DSP managed service
Commerce business intelligence
Amazon marketing cloud
Video advertising
Influencer marketing

Perpetua is the cutting-edge Amazon PPC software that defines excellence in the industry. Crafted to help sellers maximise advertising success, Perpetua offers advanced bid optimisation, keyword reconnaissance, and campaign leadership features. 

This powerhouse uses AI-driven algorithms to drive targeted traffic, increase sales, and amplify ROI for Amazon sellers. With its intuitive interface and real-time analytics, Perpetua empowers users to make informed decisions and optimise PPC campaigns with ease. 

Discover the limitless potential of your Amazon advertising with Perpetua, the ultimate software for perpetual success.

#9. Sellozo

Image Credit: Sellozo

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Ad Automator
Campaign studio
Performance marketing management
Reporting and analytics

Sellozo, the comprehensive Amazon PPC software, offers a symphony of tools to optimise advertising campaigns and orchestrate success. This software provides advanced features, including automated bidding, campaign direction, and performance analysis. 

Sellozo’s AI-powered algorithms scrutinise data to deliver actionable insights and recommendations, enabling sellers to refine targeting, optimise bids, and boost conversions. 

With its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, Sellozo simplifies managing and optimising Amazon PPC campaigns, letting sellers conserve time and effort. Whether you’re a newcomer or an ad virtuoso, Sellozo equips you with the resources to compose success on Amazon.

#10. PPC Ninja

Image Credit: PPC Ninja

Price:99 USD – 499 USD per month
Services Offered:Daily bid optimization recommendations
Weekly new keyword recommendations
Automatic download of Search term reports
Multi-market support
Multi-user support

Seeking the ultimate weapon in your Amazon PPC arsenal? Enter PPC Ninja. As one of the best Amazon PPC software solutions available, PPC Ninja offers an array of powerful features to supercharge your campaigns. 

With its intelligent bid optimisation algorithms and in-depth analytics, PPC Ninja ensures every penny spent on advertising delivers maximum impact. Gain valuable insights into keyword performance, monitor campaign metrics, and uncover untapped growth opportunities. 

PPC Ninja’s automation capabilities streamline your workflows, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making. Take control of your Amazon PPC campaigns and achieve unparalleled success with PPC Ninja.

#11. AMZ Tracker

Image Credit: AMZ tracker

Contact:Contact on website
Price:50 USD – 400 USD per month
Services Offered:On Page Analyzer
Super URLs
Vipon Promotional Products
Sales Tracking
Rocket Reply-Email

AMZ Tracker is a dynamic powerhouse that propels your campaigns to new heights. Beyond traditional campaign management, AMZ Tracker offers innovative features that boost visibility, conversions, and profitability on Amazon. 

Dive into the depths of keyword tracking, competitor analysis, review monitoring, and listing optimisation. With AMZ Tracker’s intelligent algorithms and actionable insights, sellers can fine-tune their strategies and gain a competitive edge. 

Discover high-converting keywords, monitor product rankings, and analyse competitor trends with ease. AMZ Tracker is your go-to solution for mastering the art of Amazon PPC software.

#12. AdScale

Image Credit: AdScale

Price:129 USD – 2,990 USD per month
Services Offered:Business Analytics
Key performance indicators
Trend analysis
Data-driven advertising plan
Data-driven SMS plan

AdScale is not just another Amazon PPC software; it’s a trailblazing solution that sets the bar high. With intelligent automation and advanced bid optimisation, AdScale empowers sellers to achieve remarkable results in their Amazon PPC campaigns. 

This innovative software encompasses campaign management, keyword research, and performance tracking, all geared towards maximising ROI. 

AdScale streamlines repetitive tasks while giving you full control over your campaigns, saving precious time and effort. Experience the transformative power of AdScale and elevate your Amazon PPC strategies to new heights.

#13. Data Hawk

Image Credit: DataHawk

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Product optimization
Data analysis
Optimization insights and recommendation
Sales data monitoring and assessment
Search performance management

Data Hawk is a premiere Amazon PPC software, a data-driven engine that unlocks your campaign’s true potential. By harnessing cutting-edge analytics, Data Hawk provides invaluable insights into keyword performance, bid optimisation, and market trends. 

Armed with this information, sellers can fine-tune their strategies and achieve maximum ROI. Data Hawk’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting enable you to track campaign metrics, monitor competitor activity, and make informed decisions. 

#14. Profit Whales

Image Credit: Profit Whales

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:PPAC management
DSP ad services
Product ranking
PPC audit

With Profit Whales’ promising features, it is going to be your ticket to exceptional campaign results. As one of the best Amazon PPC software options available, Profit Whales offers advanced features like bid optimisation, keyword research, and performance tracking. 

This powerful tool allows sellers to maximise profitability while minimising wasted ad spend, all while driving targeted traffic to their Amazon listings. Profit Whales’ intuitive interface and comprehensive analytics empower users to make informed decisions and optimise their PPC strategies. 

Unleash the full potential of your Amazon advertising with Profit Whales, the ultimate software for success.

#15. ManageByStats

Image Credit: ManageByStats

Price:15 USD – 59.97 USD
Services Offered:Review automation
Decisions Dashboard
KPI & Profit Dashboards
KPI Smart Notifications
KPI Checklists

ManageByStats is your trusted companion for campaign optimisation. With its suite of features, including campaign management, keyword research, and analytics, ManageByStats equips sellers with the resources to drive success in their PPC campaigns. 

This best Amazon PPC software provides detailed performance metrics, enabling sellers to track ad effectiveness, make informed decisions, and maximise ROI. 

ManageByStats simplifies managing and optimising Amazon PPC campaigns, whether you’re a small seller or a large-scale business. It’s your partner in achieving advertising goals on Amazon.

#16. Kenshoo by Skai

Image Credit: Skai

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Omnichannel advertising
Data connectivity
Dynamic Marketing Mix
Budget Forecasting
Strategic Consulting

Kenshoo by Skai is a precision tool designed to optimise advertising performance. With cutting-edge technology and AI-powered algorithms, Kenshoo provides actionable insights and data-driven recommendations for campaigns. 

From comprehensive keyword research to bid management and performance tracking, this top Amazon PPC software equips sellers with the tools they need to drive targeted traffic and increase sales. 

Kenshoo’s intuitive platform streamlines PPC processes, allowing sellers to make informed decisions and maximise ROI. With robust analytics and automation capabilities, Kenshoo by Skai is a top choice for success in Amazon PPC campaigns.

#17. Adalysis

Image Credit: Adalysis

Price:99 USD – 499 USD per month
Services Offered:PPC management 
Campaign automation
Campaign monitoring
Multi-Campaign Dashboard
PPC targeting

Boasting a comprehensive toolset, Adalysis empowers sellers to delve into keyword research, dissect ad performance, and finesse bid management. 

This top-tier Amazon PPC software provides actionable insights and astute recommendations for precision targeting, elevated ad quality scores, and amplified conversions. 

Advanced features like A/B testing and ad copy analysis empower sellers to refine their strategies and steer towards superior results. 

With an intuitive interface and automated prowess, Adalysis simplifies Amazon PPC campaign management, rendering it an indispensable instrument for realising advertising objectives.

#18. Downstream

Image Credit: Downstream

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Retail Insights
Marketing intelligence
Ad accelerator
Digital shelf analytics

Downstream transcends the realm of typical Amazon PPC software; it’s your direct route to triumph in the PPC arena. With its advanced bid optimisation, astute keyword research, and campaign administration capabilities, Downstream empowers users to extract maximum ROI from Amazon. 

This commanding software streamlines PPC campaign governance, granting sellers the ability to make data-driven decisions for enhanced performance. 

Through in-depth analytics and comprehensive reporting, Downstream offers insights into campaign effectiveness, enabling sellers to refine their strategies. Immerse yourself in the transformative potential of Downstream and elevate your Amazon PPC campaigns to unprecedented heights of success.

#19. Ignite by Seller Labs

Image Credit: SellerLabs

Contact:Contact on website
Price:1,499 USD 3,499 USD
Services Offered:Ads management
Paid social media ads management
Creative services
Advertising analysis

With its groundbreaking features and advanced algorithms, Ignite by Seller Labs empowers sellers to fine-tune their campaigns for maximum performance. 

From meticulous keyword research to bid management and automated campaign analysis, Ignite offers a comprehensive toolkit designed to conquer the competitive Amazon marketplace. 

Its intuitive interface and actionable insights empower you to make data-driven decisions that drive real results. Whether you’re an Amazon veteran or just starting out, Ignite by Seller Labs is your clandestine weapon for Amazon PPC advertising domination.

#20. Kinetic by Viral Launch

Image Credit: Viral Launch

Price:59 USD – 170 USD per month
Services Offered:Product discovery
Market Intelligence
Keyword research
Competitor intelligence
Listing Analyzer

Kinetic by Viral Launch is designed for sellers seeking advertising optimisation. This dynamic software presents a range of features, including advanced bid management, insightful keyword research, and campaign automation, all tailored to drive laser-focused traffic and maximise ROI. 

With its instinctive interface and comprehensive reporting, Kinetic equips sellers with actionable insights, enabling informed decisions and the refinement of PPC strategies. 

Immerse yourself in the kinetic energy of success with Kinetic by Viral Launch, the ultimate software for elevating your Amazon PPC campaigns.

#21. AdZoop

Image Credit: AdZoop

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Cloud enablement
Telecom and design implementationContinuous testingRisk and security management

AdZoop is a formidable Amazon PPC software that delivers a suite of features to elevate your advertising campaigns. With an intuitive interface and data-driven insights, AdZoop empowers sellers to monitor and dissect campaign performance, identify lucrative keywords, and optimise bids for supreme ROI. 

This top Amazon PPC software offers advanced targeting capabilities, ensuring your reach is precise and visibility soars. Harness AdZoop’s automation prowess and in-depth analytics to streamline your PPC endeavours and make data-driven decisions for campaign excellence. 

Whether you’re aiming to enhance keyword precision, bid optimisation, or track ad performance, AdZoop is your invaluable ally for Amazon PPC success.

#22. Teikametrics

Image Credit: Teikametrics

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Free – 499 USD per month
Key Features:Ad management overview
Listing optimization
Ai automation
Data aggregation and reporting

With potent features and advanced algorithms, Teikametrics empowers sellers to extract maximum value from their Amazon PPC campaigns and drive profitable results. 

The comprehensive platform covers keyword research, bid optimisation, campaign management, and performance analytics. Harness Teikametrics’ sophisticated technology to effectively target your audience, optimise ad spend and boost sales. 

As a leading Amazon PPC software provider, Teikametrics equips sellers with the tools they need to thrive in the fiercely competitive marketplace.

#23. RepricerExpress

Image Credit: RepricerExpress

Price:64 GBP – 949 GBP per month
Services Offered:API automated imports
API automated reports
Custom repricing reports
Amazon Buy Box Predictor
Profitability dashboard

RepricerExpress enables sellers to automatically adjust product prices, securing the Buy Box and staying competitive. It empowers sellers with smart repricing strategies, real-time competitor price monitoring, and a roadmap to maximise sales potential. 

By leveraging this top Amazon PPC software, sellers can finely tune their pricing to attract more customers and elevate conversion rates. Real-time repricing and advanced algorithms make price management effortless, helping sellers optimise profitability and fuel sustainable growth.

#24. Ad Razor

Image Credit: Ad Razor

Contact:Contact on website
Price:125 USD – 195 USD per month
Services Offered:Optimise Seller
Central Automatic daily update of data from the Amazon API
Intuitive colour coding of ACOS Data
Product Level Analysis
Amazon Approved Bulk Upload File Creation

Ad Razor is a cutting-edge Amazon PPC software that hones your advertising strategies to wield maximum impact. With its arsenal of advanced features, Ad Razor equips sellers to optimise their PPC campaigns and achieve unparalleled results.

From surgical keyword targeting and bid management to campaign analysis and automation, Ad Razor offers a comprehensive toolbox tailored to your success. Its intuitive interface and real-time data monitoring allow you to track campaign performance, make data-driven decisions, and outmanoeuvre the competition. 

Whether you’re an experienced seller or just beginning your journey, Ad Razor stands as your secret weapon for conquering the realm of Amazon PPC advertising.

#25. SellerApp

Image Credit: SellerApp

Price:Free – 49 USD per month
Services Offered:PPC tools
Listing optimization
Profit checker
Keyword explorer
Keyword ranking tracker

SellerApp is your holistic partner for advertising optimisation. From keyword research to bid management and campaign analysis, SellerApp offers a comprehensive approach to Amazon PPC. 

This top Amazon PPC software leverages intelligent algorithms and data-driven insights to help you identify profitable keywords, optimise bids for maximum ROI, and track campaign performance. 

Its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities streamline PPC processes, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced seller, SellerApp equips you with the resources needed to make informed decisions and achieve success in your Amazon PPC campaigns.

#26. AdCore

Image Credit: AdCore

Price:33.99 USD per month
Services Offered:Marketing analysis
Digital marketing automation
Marketing cloud

With a comprehensive set of features encompassing bid management, campaign optimisation, and ad scheduling, AdCore empowers users to maximise their advertising ROI on Amazon. 

This powerful software simplifies the management of PPC campaigns, allowing sellers to make data-driven decisions for improved performance. 

Robust analytics and reporting provide valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, enabling sellers to refine their strategies. Experience the sheer power of AdCore and propel your Amazon PPC campaigns to new heights of success.

#27. RevenueWize

Image Credit: RevenueWize

Contact:Contact on website
Price:119 USD – 299 USD per month
Services Offered:PPC management
Keyword Boosting
Performance Reports
Structure Analysis
Personal On-boarding
Monthly account review

RevenueWize is a dynamic and results-focused Amazon PPC software that supercharges your advertising revenue. With its potent suite of features, RevenueWize enables you to optimise your PPC campaigns and drive unparalleled growth.

From intelligent bid optimisation to comprehensive analytics, RevenueWize equips you to make informed decisions and maximise ROI.

Its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities streamline campaign management, saving you precious time and effort. 

#28. Pacvue

Image Credit: Pacvue
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Advertising
Market  intelligence 

Pacvue is a top-rated Amazon PPC software that has established itself as a pinnacle solution for sellers seeking to optimise their advertising campaigns. With advanced campaign management features and robust analytics, Pacvue empowers sellers to maximise their Amazon PPC performance. 

This potent tool offers comprehensive bid optimisation, keyword research, and performance tracking capabilities, enabling users to make data-driven decisions and drive targeted traffic to their product listings. 

Pacvue’s intuitive interface and actionable insights make it a top choice for sellers aiming to boost sales and achieve exceptional results on Amazon. 

#29. Jungle Scout

Image Credit: JungleScout

Price:29 USD – 84 USD per month
Services Offered:Advertising analytics
Keyword strategy
Listings optimisation
Inventory management
Finance insights

In the quest for the best Amazon PPC software, Jungle Scout emerges as a game-changing navigator. This versatile tool provides comprehensive insights into market trends, competitor analysis, and keyword research, making it an indispensable asset for sellers.

Jungle Scout empowers you to uncover profitable keywords, optimise your PPC campaigns, and enhance your product’s visibility on Amazon.

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower sellers to make informed decisions and take their business to the next level. Whether you’re an experienced seller or just starting, Jungle Scout equips you with the tools to succeed in the fiercely competitive world of Amazon PPC advertising.

#30. BidX

Image Credit: Bidx
Price:149 EUR – 449 EUR per month
Key Features:Automated bid and keyword adjustments
KDP supportChat and mail support
Strategy Proposals
Keyword management

BidX is an exceptional Amazon PPC software solution that stands out as one of the best in the market. With its cutting-edge bid optimisation features and advanced analytics, BidX helps sellers maximise their ROI and drive targeted traffic to their Amazon listings. 

This potent tool removes the guesswork from bid management, allowing users to make data-driven decisions for their PPC campaigns. BidX’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities make it a top choice for sellers looking to streamline their advertising efforts on Amazon. 

Experience the power of BidX and elevate your Amazon PPC campaigns to new heights with this outstanding software.

Conclusion About The Best Amazon PPC Software

In the dynamic world of Amazon advertising, choosing the right PPC software is pivotal for success. We’ve explored the 30 best Amazon PPC software options, each offering unique strengths to empower sellers in optimising campaigns, maximising ROI, and thriving in a competitive marketplace.

Whether you seek intelligent bid management, thorough keyword research, automated campaign analysis, or comprehensive reporting, there’s a perfect fit among these top-tier PPC solutions. These tools aren’t just utilities; they’re the gateways to unlocking your Amazon advertising potential.

As you embark on your Amazon PPC journey, consider which features align best with your business goals. The right software can be a game-changer, propelling your sales, enhancing visibility, and boosting profitability.

The Amazon PPC landscape is ever-changing, so stay informed, adapt, and harness these exceptional PPC software solutions to confidently navigate Amazon’s dynamic terrain. Here’s to your Amazon PPC success: efficient campaigns, robust sales, and ever-increasing profits!

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Amazon PPC Software

How To Choose The Best Amazon PPC Software For My Business?

Consider your specific needs, such as campaign size, budget, and goals. Look for software that offers features aligned with your requirements. Additionally, read reviews, compare pricing, and take advantage of free trials to test usability.

Can Amazon PPC Software Work For Both Beginners And Experienced Sellers?

Yes, many Amazon PPC software solutions cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned sellers. Look for software that offers user-friendly interfaces and scalability to meet your experience level.

What Features To Look For In Amazon PPC Software?

Key features to consider are intelligent bid optimisation, thorough keyword research, campaign management, comprehensive analytics, and automation capabilities. The ideal software should align with your advertising goals and strategy.

Is Amazon PPC Software Suitable For Businesses Of All Sizes?

Yes, many Amazon PPC software options are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from individual sellers to large enterprises. Choose software that can scale with your business needs.

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